De Vasthi-Hoeve


OranjewoudThe South-east corner of Friesland is characterized by a very varied landscape of bog, water, grassland, heather and wood. De Deelen is an area of bog North of Heerenveen. By digging off the bog a labyrinth of blind holes remained with narrow pieces of land on which the bog was laid down to dry. There is an observation post for spotting rare water birds.

In park landscape ‘Oranjewoud’ the outstanding museum Belvédère is integrated in an extraordinary way. Art and nature go hand in hand here. From the watch-tower Belvédère one has a good view over the varied landscape when the sky is clear.

Not far away from the watch-tower Belvédère one works on the construction of an eco cathedral in Mildam. It is an open-air workplace where, from the vision of Louis Le Roy, manually piled up constructions are realized. At short distance there are several nature reserves from ‘It Fryske Gea’ and ‘Staatsbosbeheer’ in addition to ‘De Deelen’ and ‘Oranjewoud’..

De Deelen


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