De Vasthi-Hoeve


Starting from the Vasthi-hoeve you can do surprisingly versatile activities. If you wish we can advise you in programming your leisure activities regarding nature, sport and art & culture.


Our mini-camping site is situated in a rural area between the nature reserves “De Deelen” and the landscape park “Oranjewoud”. The environment is a great discovery.

De Deelen

It offers a great variety in landscape: moor, water, grassland, heather and wood. There are several nature reserves of ‘It Fryske Gea’ and ‘Staatsbosbeheer’, both being institutions preserving nature areas.

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Bicycle-and hiking tours are kindly offered to you. The varied landscape lends itself particularly to be able to relax in a sporty way.

In the vicinity you will find good facilities for water sports. Out by canoe or boat can be arranged. For anglers this part of Fryslân is also an experience

If you like to swim you can relax in open water in the vicinity, at the natural pool and indoor baths. Sport City Heerenveen and skate and event hall Thialf also offer facilities.

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Art & Culture

In the South-east corner of Friesland there are many good artists studios, galleries and sculpture gardens. There are also very attractive museums.

For film, music and plays there are good theatres.

We can provide you with tips for arts and cultural sights.

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