De Vasthi-Hoeve

Art and culture


Every year one can admire art at the Vasthi-hoeve.

During 2019 there is a painting exposition of Hedzer Brandsma. He leaves it up to the viewer to show his world and would appreciate your comments in the designated booklet.

In this area there is an unexpected amount of art from different views: from abstract, figurative, modern, graphical, visual up to art objects. It is a challenge for us to provide you an interesting tour that fits your needs.

There are very interesting musea, nice workshops, great galleries and beautiful statue gardens. There are multiple possibilities for a pleasant visit described, like a museum for modern arts in Friesland. During the high-season the art tour ‘Open Stal’ is being organized.


Where it comes down to art history the contradictions are well visible. In museum Opsterlân (Gorredijk), museum Heerenveen and open air museum It Damshûs (Nij Beets) you will get a clear picture of the living conditions of the peat workers. You will be amazed about how peat dealers and notables enriched themselves from the peat extraction.

Museum Belvedere
Ecocathedralen – Stichting Tijd
Galerie Mildam
FDN Museum
Melklokaal voor hedendaagse kunst
Kunstlokaal no 8
Fries Museum
Museum Drachten
Alde Fryske Tsjerken
Witte Kerk Hemrik

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